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Made in China cracks "stuck neck" technology again, servo motor for Gree robots

2020-02-01 11:51

With the continuous upgrading and development of modern industrial technology, the level of intelligent manufacturing has become one of the important signs of a manufacturing power. Industrial robots are the core equipment of the intelligent manufacturing execution layer, and the hardware foundation for completing the final production stage of intelligent manufacturing. Representative products of advanced manufacturing.


Due to the lack of core technology, China's industrial robot core parts servo motors have long relied on imports, which has restricted the development of China's robot industry. The "Made in China 2025" plan generally deploys the goal of robot servo motors: by 2020, performance, accuracy and reliability will reach the level of similar foreign products.   

In order to change this passive situation, Gree started from three aspects such as power density, cogging torque and current loop design, and independently developed high-performance servo motors and drives for industrial robots. Reached the "international advanced" level, in which the servo motor power density, overload capacity and other performance indicators reached the "international advanced" level.   

So, what are the extraordinary features of this independently developed servo motor for Gree industrial robots?   

1. Ultra-low torque pulsation, accurate positioning   

As we all know, the positioning accuracy of the servo motor is an important index, and the torque ripple is an important factor to ensure the positioning accuracy. The servo motor for Gree industrial robots uses the self-developed low cogging torque and torque ripple system design technology to effectively reduce the cogging torque and torque ripple of the servo motor, and further improve the control accuracy of the servo system The torque and torque pulsation performance can be compared with the first-class enterprises in the industry.


2. Compact structure and sensitive response   

Conventional servo motors use universal brakes, the structure is solidified, and the miniaturization of the motor is limited. To this end, Gree independently developed brakes to innovatively make the entire servo system play an overall collaborative design role, making the motor structure more compact. The overall length of the servo motor for Gree industrial robots is only 111mm, which is shorter than that of Coca-Cola. The density is as high as 282.5W / kg, which is the highest in the industry. It is equipped with a 20bit high-resolution absolute encoder, which greatly improves the flexibility and accuracy of industrial robots.

3. Wide operating range, stable operation   

The servo motor for Gree industrial robots has a wide operating range, the highest speed can reach 6500r / min, and the instantaneous overload capacity is 3.5 times the rated torque, which has reached the highest level in the industry. Reliability and stability have been further enhanced.   

4. Excellent temperature rise characteristics, safe and reliable   

With the increase of the power density of the motor and the miniaturization of the structure, the temperature rise of the motor has become a major bottleneck. The axial heat transfer path system design technology used by Gree industrial robot servo motors ensures the high power density and miniaturization of the servo motors while controlling the temperature rise of the motors within a reasonable range.   

Core technologies   

Self-adhesive structure and technology of stator core without buckle point type yoke separation stator   

Integrated design technology of brake and motor end cover   

Design technology of motor axial heat transfer path system   

Design Technology of Low Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple System   

As a national enterprise, Gree does not forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, always adhere to the development path of independent innovation, and continuously inject strong power into China's industrial development with independent core technologies, empower more Chinese enterprises, and promote China to become a major manufacturing country. Transformation to a manufacturing power.   

In the future, Gree will continue to make efforts on the development of independent innovation. "Take key common technology, leading-edge technology, modern engineering technology, and disruptive technological innovation as breakthroughs, dare to take the path that previous people have not gone through, and strive to achieve independence of key core technologies. Be controllable and firmly hold the initiative of innovation and development in your own hands. "


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